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Dairy Cattle Nutrition in the Tropics using Rumen8

Using Rumen8 effectively requires an understanding of cattle nutrition. The six part training workshop available below introduces cattle nutrition and then applies that knowledge with practical examples and exercises using Rumen8.

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The workshop has been developed with funding from the Netherlands East Africa Dairy Partnership program (NEADAP) and is tailored for advisors and farmers in East Africa. However, the principles of dairy nutrition are universal and while the examples and exercises are specific to East Africa, the skills you develop will also apply to your region and farm.


To complete the exercises included in the workshop series you must
  1. Install the latest version of Rumen8. You can get it from the Downloads page.
  2. Import the SNV Tropical Feed Library into Rumen8. It is available from the SNV page along with instructions on how to import it into Rumen8. Instructions are also included in the ‘Concise Guide for use of Rumen8 software and SNV Feed Library in the Tropics’ which can also be downloaded from the SNV page.
  3. Install the Prices.db3 and Preferences.db3 library files supplied with the workshop. Further instructions are given below.

The six training presentations

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Understanding Ruminant Nutrition
Download part one of the workshop series

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Understanding Feeds
Download part two of the workshop series

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Rumen8 Introduction
Download part three of the workshop series

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Rumen8 Details
Download part four of the workshop series

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Rumen8 Farm Walk
Download part five of the workshop series

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Case Studies
Download part six of the workshop series

Exercises, worksheets, libraries and other files

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Other files
Download the remaining files for the workshop series in a zip archive

The workshop files in the zip archive are listed below. It is recommended the archive file is copied from the Downloads folder to the Rumen8 folder in your Documents folder before unzipping it.
  • List of electronic files that are required by course trainees.pdf - All the files needed to complete the workshop series. These files are available on this page, the Download page and SNV page of the Rumen8 website.
  • Rumen8 Tropics Course Exercise Details for Trainees V1.0.pdf - Five exercises for the workshop participant.
  • Rumen8 Tropics Course WORKSHEET X V1.0.pdf - The five worksheets used in the presentations.
  • Rumen8 Tropics Course Feeds for import.db3 - The feeds used in the workshop. These will be imported into Rumen8 during the training.
  • Rumen8 Tropics Course Signal Grass Feeds for Import.db3 - The feeds are used in some workshops. These will be imported into Rumen8 during the training if required.

If you have just installed Rumen8 the library files below can be copied into the \Rumen8\Libraries\ folder overwriting the existing files.
If you are an existing Rumen8 user and would like to keep your preferences and prices then import the libraries from the Advanced Preferences and Prices tab. You will then be able to switch back to your preferences and prices later on. See the User Guide or Help (F1) for how to import a Rumen8 library.
  • Preferences4.db3 - A Rumen8 preferences library file that contains the preference settings used in the workshop.
  • Prices4.db3 - A Rumen8 prices library that contains the prices used in the workshop.