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Rumen8 can be downloaded and used straight away in trial mode but is restricted to 4 diet ingredients until it is registered. Registration is free.

To apply for a registration number please send an email to Richard Morris at with your name (first and surname) and the email you would like to be contacted on. If you don't mind telling us where you are (country and region will do) and your role in the dairy industry it helps us see who is using Rumen8 and better target improvements in the future. Rumen8 emails are very infrequent and your email address will not be shared.

Rumen8 3 can be registered with your Rumen8 2 user name and code so if you still have it just use that. If you have lost it send Richard and email on the address above.


Rumen8 runs on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 computers and needs a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Other than that, if your computer can run Windows adequately it should run Rumen8.

Download the installer

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Download the Windows installer for Rumen8 3 (31 MB)

The SAP Crystal Reports Runtime is required to create reports - 32bit and 64bit (97 MB)
These can also be downloaded from the SAP website

Download the Rumen8 User Guide (6 MB - included in the Rumen8 3 installer)

Download the Rumen8 Training Manual (3 MB - included in the Rumen8 3 installer)

Download the Rumen8 Feed Companion (2 MB - included in the Rumen8 3 installer)

If you are having trouble downloading and installing Rumen8, download the User Guide above which includes step by step instructions with screen shots to help you.
If the Windows 'SmartScreen' is preventing you running the installer look in the FAQ for instructions.

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What's new version May 2018

  • Improved the heifer protein demand calculation by replacing the default 1.25 adjustment with a correction factor based on liveweight (Tedeschi 2015). This will increase heifer protein demand.
  • Expanded tooltip information in Preferences for MP requirement adjustment and NDF intake as a percent of liveweight.
  • Added the NDF intake as a percent of liveweight to the Max DMI NDF% value on the Diet Detail tab.

What's new version April 2018

  • Bug fixed that prevented ingredient 10 restoring correctly from the Compare tab.
  • Fixed a calculation error on the Diet report for ingredient mineral supply. Thanks to David H. for reporting this.
  • Fixed the calculation of mix mineral absorption rates.

What's new version March 2018

  • The Diet report now allows negative margin over feed costs and larger dollar values.
  • Added dry matter intake as a percentage of cow liveweight to the Diet detail tab.
  • Added tool tips to the Milk price tab headings.
  • The minimise and maximise controls have been restored to the main windows.
  • Fixed a mix cost bug that prevented fresh weight costs being entered. Thanks to Glenys H. for reporting this.
  • Fixed bug where preference validation values were not being read from the file correctly.

What's new version March 2018

  • Fixed occasional bug when importing an old diet file after a failed attempt to import a non-Rumen8 csv file.
  • Improved milk prices database upgrade process.

What's new version March 2018

  • Additional information about the Metabolisable Protein Correction Factor added to the User Guide, Help and Advanced preferences tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug when importing a v2 feed library.
  • Fixed bug when exporting mixes.

What's new version March 2018

  • Diet, Batch and Feeding reports can be printed or saved as PDFs from the File menu (reports require the SAP runtime software to be installed, see Getting Started in the User Guide for details).
  • Easily share feeds and mixes by exporting and importing them from the Feed Editor Selection tab.
  • Combine separate diets for split herds in the new Split herd tab.
  • Define up to 10 milk price sets in the Milk Price tab.
  • Create diets for heifers by selecting a heifer in the Breed & Maturity drop-down menu.
  • Calculate the target growth rate for heifer herds with the calculator on the Animal tab.
  • Suggest cow live weight change with the calculator on the Animal tab.
  • Estimate the additional liveweight change required to increase body condition score in the cow live weight change calculator.
  • Milk fever risk is estimated for transition cow diets on the Diet Detail tab.
  • There is now a warning on the Diet tab if a monitored parameter on the Diet Detail tab is out of the recommended range.
  • Animal parameters can be entered directly on the Animal tab in addition to using the sliders.
  • The updated User Guide is now available from the Help menu, the F1 key or the help button (?) in the window title bar.

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