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"One of the best things we have ever done [is start using Rumen8]. It’s simple to navigate and it gets results. With different rations for 3 herds I have found it a good tool for managing real time change and making the best use of feed ingredients on hand. I can also make better use of home grown feed before turning to brought in feeds"

Oscar from Australia

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"I have been using Rumen 8 for a few years now, I am milking 4500 cows over three farms would like to say what a  magnificent program you have. It is very very user friendly especially for us farmers who battle with computers at times. This program has helped fine tune rations on a daily basis across all our herds and has really increased production and cost savings"

Dylan from Zambia

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Would Johan recommend Rumen8 to other farmers? “Absolutely, it’s not hard to learn and it gives you confidence to change diets to get the most out of your cows. Rumen8 is about making better use of what you have. You don’t have to use new feeds to save money"

Johan from Australia

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"Thank you very much for this program. Works fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!!"

Antoni from Spain

"Thanks Richard. Registered with no problems. Good job on the program by the way. I used to use CPM Dairy all the time and so far find Rumen8 just as useful (& cheaper!). It’s a great tool."

Neil from Australia

"Wow! What a wonderful service you are providing! I am currently running a small dairy farm in Bangladesh. I have been trying to formulate a ration plan for my cattle and have been reading so much online--only to come back confused even more! I even started reading and deciphering documents after documents just to find the right answer. Your software just made everything so much easier to understand and calculate. In Bangladesh, it is very tough to find any useful information so I really appreciate what your team is doing for the cattle industry and for people looking for better feed management who have no access. Thank you so much!"

Shaikh from Bangladesh

Ruth said she began using Rumen8 three years ago in an effort to extract better value from supplements, particularly when moving to or from grazed pastures. Rumen8 has allowed her to feed the cows more consistently through these periods of change by better balancing the ration with the grass on offer. The result has been higher production and less wastage of expensive silage. Ruth recommends other farmers give the software a try to ensure their cows are fully fed a balanced diet and they are not losing money on wasted supplements.

Ruth from Australia

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"I've used many of the American programs before but Rumen8 is just an excellent balance of precision & practicality, really a pukka job"

Tim from the Sultanate of Oman

When asked if he would recommend Rumen8 to other farmers his response was “Hell yeah! Young farmers especially. Rumen8 helps me adjust the diets and keep milk production up, especially when Dad is away. It’s just a tool, but it gives me more confidence that I am feeding in the herd well"

Tavis from Australia

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SNV in East Africa

The SNV Kenya Market-Led Development Project was responsible for introducing trained Rumen8 consultants in East Africa. After development of a new tropical feed library for the region (see the downloads page) it has become an important tool for dairy consultants, farmers, students and training institutes. The SNV dairy consultants are now helping farmers improve production, profitability and reduce enteric methane intensity on East African farms as part of the TIDE project in Uganda. The recently added ability to work with beef cows in Rumen8 is also showing good results within the Kenyan Integrated & Climate Smart Innovations for Agro-Pastoralist Economies and Landscapes project.

Marie Clare discusses how the SNV dairy consultants in Uganda have helped make big improvements on her dairy farm.

Rumen8 is also used to train our future farmers, researchers and consultants

La Trobe University, Australia
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Massey University, New Zealand
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University of La Pampa, Argentina
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University of Sydney, Australia
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University of Western Australia
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Murdoch University, Australia
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University of Tasmania, Australia
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