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Running Rumen8 on a Mac

Rumen8 is a Microsoft Windows application so cannot run natively on an Apple Macintosh computer. However, there are a number of ways to get round this listed below from most to least expensive.

The Parallels logo, click to go to their website
Parallels Desktop for Mac allows you to run Windows in a virtual machine on a Mac with an Intel CPU. This option is not free as you need to buy Parallels and a copy of Windows 10. It does allow you to switch quickly back and forth between the Mac and Windows operating systems so is a very flexible setup.

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VMware Fusion also allows you to run Windows in a virtual machine on a Mac with an Intel CPU. However, it may be a much less expensive option as VMware Fusion Player 12 is now free for personal use. You will still need a copy of Windows 10. In the same manner as Parallels, you can switch quickly between the Mac and Windows operating systems so it is also very flexible setup.

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VirtualBox is a free open source virtual machine for the Mac that will enable you to run Windows at the same time as MacOS on an Intel based computer. While not as fast as Fusion or Parallels and missing some of the more advanced features, it costs nothing and is suitable for Rumen8. It still requires a copy of Windows.
Step by step instructions on how to install Windows 10 in Virtualbox on a Mac are available here.

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Apple's Bootcamp software also requires a licensed copy of Windows. You choose whether to boot into MacOS or Windows when you start your computer. Bootcamp comes with all Intel based Macs and is easy to setup, just look in the Utilities folder to start. Bootcamp setups are not as flexible as virtual machines as you only have access to one operating system at a time, but because Windows is not virtualised it runs at full speed.

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Microsoft Windows 10 is available free as an ISO image suitable for installing in a virtual machine from Microsoft from this website. You can install Windows without providing a Product ID and run it for 30 days without activation. At this point it will still be usable with some minor functions disabled and nag you about activation occasionally, but will still be able to run Rumen8.

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The newer Apple computers are no longer based in Intel CPUs and have switched to an ARM based 'M' series CPU. This means you can no longer virtualise an Intel version of the Windows operating system required by Rumen8 on one of these machines. Bootcamp is not compatible with these machines either.
Running Intel Windows in an emulator may be possible in the future but currently (early 2022) it is not, so for now you cannot run Rumen8 on these computers.